Away Day Shoot at Griffin Lloyd

11th July 2018

At Last

50 ex 50

Well done Stuart



Well done Stuart

 another 49 x 50

How did you miss that one?





Handicap Shoot Sunday April 23rd 2017

 Winer Left Nigel Witts Runner up Pete Watson Right


Scores for 18th December will not be indnclude in averages.

Twyning CPSC Xmas Shoot 18th December 2016



Yet again Stuart comes in with a 49 ex 50 Sunday 14th August 2016

Well done Stuart 49 ex 50 Sundays shoot 19th June 2016

Away Day Wed 8th June 2016

Well what an away day shoot we had at Griffin Lloyd shooting ground on welsh England border.

More pictures to follow on Photo Page